[PIC] 171108 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Instagram Update

171108_yjh_instacap생일축하해주신 모든분들께 감사합니다~ 탄생년 78돔 선물해준 태용이 땡큐~
Translation: To all who wish me Happy Birthday, thank you~ And to Tae Yong who gave me a bottle of 1978 Dom Perignon vintage champagne, thank you ~


Picture credit: Yeon Jung Hoon’s IG @jeffyoun


[NEWS, PIC & VID] 171021 Yeon Jung Hoon As Guest For SBS Love FM: Song Eun Yi & Kim Sook’s ‘Unnie’s Radio’


Yeon Jung Hoon along with Jung Yu Mi & Do Ji Won came to the radio program as guest stars to promote ‘Bravo My Life’.

Yeon Jung Hoon told that the person he had his first on screen kiss was with Kim Sook made others in the studio surprised. To this Kim Sook stated, “I didn’t talk about this but Yeon Jung Hoon was the one who told it first on a talk show before. After that, I’ve been saying that I’m the person who Yeon Jung Hoon had his first on-screen kiss with. And this is the first time we met again after the kiss scene.”

“It was a story of 10 years ago but people still talk about it. It remains as fun memory to me. If you forget about it, I’m planning to find you and remind you about it,” added Yeon Jung Hoon while laughing. Yeon Jung Hoon also confessed, “I had inferiority complex in the past. When I was playing role of a director and other role as someone who hold high rank position, I felt so green & inexperienced to play the part. There were many times I thought I was greedy and I wondered how senior actors managed to portray such role. Now that I’m old, when such roles are given to me, I don’t feel burdened anymore.”

There’s a comment from a fan that said he/she have met Yeon Jung Hoon a few times while exercising in gym. Following this,  Yeon Jung Hoon also said he exercises regularly almost everyday if he has time. He wasn’t into it when he was younger but now his lifestyle has changed, he exercises for the sake of his health. So, he always exercise with his trainer friend. From them, he learned how to exercise and maintain his body condition, and he’s naturally into sports as well like golfing and bike riding. To this, Jung Yu Mi said it’s such a waste. If Yeon Jung Hoon told about this, maybe scenes where he is topless could be included in the drama as well. Yeon Jung Hoon laughed in disbelief and said why a drama PD needs to have shirtless scene and should he wear a bikini or something. Then Song Eun Yi asked him perhaps one of the reason he exercise a lot because he’s having a kid now. Maybe he thought that he needs to hold his daughter more often. He replied, “I am putting a lot of effort in exercising so I can hold my daughter in one arm and carry other thing in another arm.”

Kim Sook said many people said he always talk about his daughter on the drama set and asked about her to Yeon Jung Hoon. To this Yeon Jung Hoon said, “She’s 19 months old now so she babbles a lot. She’still in the stage where she needs to be told about what’s right and what’s wrong. So, when she was about to do something dangerous for her age, we told her ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it.’ Maybe she picked up what she heard when we told her not to do something, so she keeps saying ‘Daddy, no no no,’ these days.”

Below are  a few photos uploaded through the official Instagram account of the radio program.


And below is a short clip from the radio show:-

Picture credit: Official IG of ‘Unnie’s Radio’ @sister1035
Video credit: Miao Leng
Original source: My Daily Article 1, My Daily Article 3 & My Daily Article 3
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[NEWS & VID] 171020 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Interview During ‘Bravo My Life’ Press Conference


The press conference was held at SBS building at Yangjeon-gu, Mokdong, Seoul on October 20th.

Yeon Jung Hoon said, “I played several villain roles one after another in my previous works for the past few years, so I want to build some more aspects to broaden my acting’s range. I chose to work in this drama because I want to challenge myself playing another melodramatic role. In the drama, my character is more like a daddy long leg, in which he’s unable to express himself well but he still cares for many people around him in his own way.”

Yeon Jung Hoon said “Since my daughter was born and the fact that I’m living my life as a father now, I feel that I become more mature. It doesn’t impact with the way I select my work but I just feel that being a father and having the experience myself could serve as the foundation for my acting if I were to play such role later in the future.”

To play the role as a drama PD in this drama, Yeon Jung Hoon said, “While working in my past projects, I saw all the directors were working passionately. I’ve watched how they were so immersed and very enthusiastic when directing a project. I don’t refer to certain individual tendencies but I payed attention on several gestures and behavior that most directors always do on set. For example, the way directors still counting with their hand even actors had finished acting a scene before they said the word ‘cut’ or how they act before they shout the word ‘action’. My character Shin Dong Wook is someone that doesn’t know how to express himself well, so I need to focus a little more on his gestures rather than his behavior.”

Below is a short clip of the casts’ interview with Showbiz Korea included with English subtitle:-

Source: Sports Chosun, Breaknews, TV Report & StarNews
Translated by: yjhsphere
Video credit: Showbiz Korea