[VID] 171020 ‘Bravo My Life’ 8 Minute Highlight Video

Video Credit: SBS


[PIC] Yeon Jung Hoon’s Character Description In SBS Weekend Drama ‘Bravo My Life’

YJH BravoMyLife Shin Dong Woo

Shin Dong Woo

He works as SBC Drama PD.
He’s extremely workaholic.
He has no interest whatsoever with anything that has nothing to do with drama.
He lost his parent since childhood and he was raised by his aunt Shin Su Mi.
He’s very clear in what he wants and what he doesn’t about everything.
His superior wants him to cast Rara for a new drama but when thinking he has to work with Ha Do Na, he completely turned down the offer. But when Rara kept begging him to cast her even if it’s just for a minor role, he gave in to her. Seeing Rara who’s in her rock bottom state in her life, making desperate efforts by acting enthusiastically, he feels pity for her and the feeling starts to develop gradually into affection.

Picture credit: SBS
Translated by: yjhsphere