[VID] 170910 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Interview With MBC’s Section TV

I uploaded the clip to YT but it got blocked straight away, so I tried on DM. Hopefully, it won’t get blocked too.

Since I have a little extra time on my hand, I tried to translate the short interview roughly. So, below is what the interview is all about.

From the clip, it seems Yeon Jung Hoon is referred as ‘National Thief’, ‘National Husband’ & recently ‘National Daughter’s Fool’.

Reporter: What Han Ga In’s thought about you being called ‘National Husband’?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Since human’s greed has no limit, Han Ga In asked me to treat her much better.
Reporter: Did you start acting because your were influenced by your father?
Yeon Jung Hoon: I had seen him acting since I was young and he did well in it, I think that could be a helpful thing in a way.
Reporter: Since your dad was a respectable actor within the industry, you might have received help from him but I heard you have gone to more than 600 auditions before you debuted as an actor.
Yeon Jung Hoon: Yes, I went to so many auditions in the past.
Reporter: Then, maybe there were times that you felt like giving up?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Of course, there were so many times I felt that way. But interestingly, I saw many fellow actors almost every time I went auditioning.
Reporter: Oh really. Who are they?
Yeon Jung Hoon: At one time I saw Go Soo and the other time I saw Gong Yoo. At that time, we went to the interview of an audition with just a piece of profile picture. When we went auditioning, we could meet everyone who shared the same dream in becoming an actor.
Reporter: What caused you to do a transformation to your acting? (Referring to the fact that he used to play a gentleman-like characters in melodrama before he went to military and then he mostly played unique and villainous roles after that.)
Yeon Jung Hoon: I think I remember the time when I used to play the role as a company director. I was wearing a full tailored suit for a scene that required me to look remorseful . But looking at myself at that time, I seemed to have a too baby-like appearance. (I think he just felt as if he looked so inexperienced at that time. Despite wearing a grown-up business-like outfit to match the scene, through his eyes, he still couldn’t convey the right acting.) So I thought I really need to broaden my acting specs further more. Because of that, after discharged from military, I refuse almost every role in melodrama setting.
Reporter: In the future, if there’s opportunity to work with your father?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Before this, if people asked about it, I would say no. But now, if there’s a project that include story about different generation in different time like a time-slip drama for example, perhaps I would say yes to that. (eg: he can play the younger version of the role while his father plays for the older version).
Reporter: When people talking about you, they would naturally asked you about your family. Do you have some kind of aversion to this?
Yeon Jung Hoon: They’re all my family after all, so I’m okay with that.
Reporter: Has Han Ga In asked you not to tell certain things?
Yeon Jung Hoon: No. I’m the one who decide which part I shouldn’t talk publicly.
Reporter: In your eyes, when Han Ga In looks the prettiest?
Yeon Jung Hoon: When she’s with our baby, playing together, her motherly appearance looks really beautiful to me.
Reporter: Do you still use nickname when addressing each other?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Yes.. we still do.
Reporter: If so, do you still use that “Pig Oppa & Bunny” nickname now?
Yeon Jung Hoon: No. We always change our nickname. These days, because we have a baby, using Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as reference, we call each other “Mickey” (Yeon Jung Hoon) and “Mimie” (Han Ga In) while or daughter as “Minnie”.
Reporter: Does Han Ga In has a flaw at all?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Emm.. because she’s trying to be perfect and she’s kinda impetuous. That’s why in trying to be better in certain things, she’s doing it hastily and sometimes she could make some mistakes because of that.
Reporter: Your father used to say this. “I feel great just by watching my daughter-in law walk back and forth in front of me. I am quite weak when it comes to pretty woman.” Does he still adores your wife very much?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Of course.
Reporter: Does any ‘episode’ have ever happened between your dad and wife?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Yes, because of our baby. My dad’s adoration now is more on our daughter. Not long ago, it was rained heavily at that day. My daughter likes to hear the sound of rain so when my dad came and she asked him to use umbrella and take her out to watch the rain for almost the entire day.
Reporter: Your daughter looks like you or your wife the more?
Yeon Jung Hoon: Generally she has my face but her head, eyebrow and eyelashes is exactly the same as my wife.
Reporter: When do you realize that you also now have become ‘daughter’s fool’ daddy?
Yeon Jung Hoon: I guess since the moment my daughter was born. Actually, I really like children to begin with. So I felt disappointed, because when I played really well with kids, they just left me when their father called them. So, since I have a daughter now, I don’t have to feel that way anymore. Because she’s my  own kid.
Reporter: How cute!
After that, they were talking about his hobby in car racing and photography but I’m gonna skip that since it’s nothing new.
Yeon Jung Hoon: I will have a new drama this October. It’s not villain role this time so please watch and give your support to this drama.

Credit: MBC
Translated by: yjhsphere


[NEWS] Yeon Jung Hoon To Join SBS Weekend Drama ‘Bravo My Life’

First of all, forgive me for updating this blog less and less these days. Apart from being busy with personal life, I have to admit I felt quite unmotivated to update regularly as I used to be. After attending to all of the things that I consider as my top priorities, I just want to fill my free time with watching dramas and relaxing. But now, I do feel like updating all the happenings regarding Yeon Jung Hoon once again since he’ll return to dramaland soon.

At the end of July, it has been confirmed that Yeon Jung Hoon will be joining SBS new weekend drama entitled ‘Bravo My Life’. At first, I wasn’t that excited because SBS weekend dramas rarely caught my interest before. But then ”Bravo My Life’ is penned by writer Jung Ji Woo which her previous works are ‘Ugly Alert’ & ‘Gloria’ and by PD Jung Hyo (previous work Cheongdamdong Scandal & Witch’s Castle) will be the director. So, there’s still hope that it would be as interesting as KBS weekend dramas which I normally prefer.

The drama will be consist of 60 episodes (previously, it was planned to cover only 30 episodes). It was scheduled to be aired on 21 October 2017, taking place the 8.45 pm slot of ‘Sister Is Alive’. The production team have already met briefly with the main
casts on July 26 but the first script reading was held on July 29.

From several articles that I went through roughly, the story revolves around people who involve in network broadcasting station. Below are the short description for some of the characters in the drama:-

Jung Yoo Mi : Ha Do Na; an assistant director who’s struggling to make advancement in her career. She’s engaged to her college sweetheart, but the sudden reappearance of her mother leads to the end of that relationship, for unknown reasons.

Yeon Jung Hoon : Shin Dong Woo; a haughty drama PD that is described as an extreme workaholic who is uninterested in anything that isn’t about dramas. He doesn’t go to class reunions and has no friends. He also doesn’t meet with anyone who isn’t involved in his work.

Hyun Woo : Kim Beom Woo ; an actor who still hasn’t debuted even after 7 years in the industry.

Do Ji Won : Song Mi Ja who’s used to be an actress known as Rara (or Lala?) before she got married to Jung Yeong Woong; the heir to conglomerate family of SY Group and lived a luxurious life. However, through an unexpected circumstances she is forced to start her life all over back from scratch as an actress but fail to even land a minor role anymore.

Park Sang Min: Jeong Yeong Woong; husband to Song Mi Ja whom he married out of love but he starts to live a tumultuos life after the secret between the couple is revealed.

Shin Joo Ah: actress Kang Ha Yeong who’s popular due to controversy and scandal instead of her acting skill. She wishes to turn her life around after an unplanned meeting with Jung Yeong Woong the head of SY Group.

Jeon Se Hyeon: Kang Ha Gyeong, big sister & manager to her younger sister Kang Ha Yeong. She has been in one-sided love towards Shin Dong Woo for a long time. She is described as someone who doesn’t even hesitate to scheme a fake pregnancy of her sister just to fullfill her own greed.

Kang Ji Sup: actor named Seol Do Hyeon .

Kwon Oh Joong: Chi Bok; perhaps part of  the management team of actor Seol Do Hyeon.


Translated by: yjhsphere


[NEWS] 170716 Yeon Jung Hoon Reveals How His Wife Han Ga In Fell For Him


Yeon Jung Hoon opened up about how the relationship with his wife Han Ga In started out. On July 16, Yeon Jung Hoon appeared as a guest on “My Ugly Duckling” and shared why Han Ga In fell in love with him.

Yeon Jung Hoon shared, “I made the first move,” and revealed, “I was willing to give it my all.”

Then, he went on to talk about what aspect of him Han Ga In was attracted by. He explained, “She overheard me calling my cousin from the U.S., and she told me she thought I looked charming when I spoke in English on the phone.”

Yeon Jung Hoon also expressed his love for his wife, saying, “I can’t remember what it was like before our marriage at all,” and added, “After spending 10 years together, it feels more uncomfortable when she’s not around.”

Credit: Soompi