• Favourite colour: Grey
  • Favourite flower: Daisy
  • Favourite perfume: Sander by Jill Sander
  • Favourite sports: Golf, basketball & tennis
  • Favourite fashion brand: Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Burberry Prorsum, 45RPM & UnderCover (both are Japanese brand)
  • Favourite weather: Slightly cloudy but breezy days
  • Favourite word: Innovation
  • Favourite & least favourite food: He loves fried & fatty food like pasta & steak. He doesn’t like vegetables particularly cucumber in which his wife Han Ga In quoted that his palate equals to children’s palate. He also loves Thai food. Other than ‘My Thai’; a Thai restaurant owned by Hong Seok Cheon, there’s another Thai restaurant in Haeundae, Busan named ‘Hello Thai’ that he used to go with his wife.
  • Country he wants to visit: Switzerland
  • Memorable movies: Saving Private Ryan, Black Swan
  • Actor/actress that he admires: Tom Hanks & Natalie Portman
  • The happiest time of his day: Sleeping time
  • Interests: Drum, car racing, cooking, photography
  • Shoe size: 275mm


  • He was a US permanent residence. He lived in US for 7 years since he was in middle school until he debuted as an actor. He gave up his US permanent residence in January 2004  and decided to join the army in which he served his active duty full time service on 1 November 2005 after getting married to Han Ga In & discharged on 31 October 2007.
  • When he was filming for Jejoongwon, the staff of the drama gave a nickname ‘Yeonderella’ to him because before he get married, he had promised to his wife that he would make sure that he finishes his personal affairs and go home before midnight.
  • He gets inspired to debut as a photographer by Jo Min Ki; a senior actor who is also a noted photographer and his fellow MC in Top Gear Korea; Kim Jin Pyo who shares the same enthusiasm in photography.
  • He was appointed as ambassador for ‘Cool Driver’ campaign in which its objective was to reduce DUI cases in Korea in 2004. Again in 2008, he was appointed as the ambassador for Myongji University along with other celebrities such as Yoo Bin of Wonder Girl, Sungmin of Super Junior, Xiah Junsu and U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.
  • He received 200 million won deposit  when signing 1 year contract as the exclusive model for the casual clothing brand ‘Union Bay’ in 2004.
  • When he was in US, he used to go to shooting range to do clay pigeon shooting’ when he wanted a daring escapade to reduce stress.
  • He proposed to his wife on 31 Dec 2004 which was their 600th days anniversary at a riverside restaurant and got married on 26th April 2005 at the Jade Garden of Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel. He gave a set of 18K white gold & diamond necklace and earrings as a surprise wedding gift to her since he didn’t help much on their wedding preparation due to his busy schedule.
  • Yeon Jung Hoon & wife went to Europe, US & Mexico for 1 month & traveled freely without a guide for their honeymoon around early June 2005.
  • The original title for his movie ‘Good Friends’ was ‘Sweet Dream‘ back then in 2005 when he filmed the movie right before he went to army.
  • Regarding work matters, he & wife give advice to each other but both won’t interfere when it comes to the selection of roles or what kind of project each of them decide to work on.
  • Park Jin Hee whom he worked with in ‘Love In Magic’ said that Yeon Jung Hoon is different from her in terms of their working style. She takes time to immerse into the role she’s playing and adjusts to certain situations but Yeon Jung Hoon can fit in right away very well to his role and any situations given to him. She quoted their differences by saying that she’s the ‘analogue’ and Yeon Jung Hoon is the ‘digital‘ type of actor.
  • One of the animation that he liked was ‘Dragon Ball‘.
  • Beauty item that he always has in his bag is lip balm.
  • Kim Jong Hak PD (one of of the most famous director & producer in Korea) used to quote Yeon Jung Hoon as the ‘2nd Lee Jung Jae‘. The PD said Yeon Jung Hoon possess the same vibe that Lee Jung Jae had when he was a rookie actor.
  • He gave his mother a 60 million won silver Audi TT with the hard earned money he got from acting & CFs. That car was the first gift he ever gave to his mother.
  • He expressed his gratitude to Han Ga In when he won the Best New Actor Award through his acting in drama ‘Yellow Handkerchief’ during KBS Drama Award 2003 by saying “To Hyun Joo (Han Ga In’s real name).. thank you.”

~Will be updated from time to time~


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  1. tiyka says:

    @gainsky, nice to see you here please come more often ^_^
    specially now YJH has 2 project to come, can’t wait for road king & sweet speeding…

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