[NEWS] 170418 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Interview With Media Regarding His Role In ‘Man To Man’


“I was responsible for the villain role once again this time. It’s a villain role that tries very hard to give troubles to the main characters so they can play their part excellently in the drama,” introduced Yeon Jung Hoon playfully about his character in ‘Man to Man’.

“I played as Mo Seung Jae; a 3rd generation chaebol of Songsan Group. He had been living his life the way his grandfather’s wants but when he came to love Song Mi Eun (played by Chae Jung An), he started to show a different side of him. Even though he’s already became the successor to Songsan Group, he still had many greed he wanted to fulfill. He has the kind of personality that wants to control everything for his own benefit,” told Yeon Jung Hoon roughly about his character.

Talking about Chae Jung An who playes as his wife in the drama, Yeon Jung Hoon stated, “Although we were a couple that seemed to be happy in this drama, but on the other hand we both have a little ‘something’ that added some mystery elements to our story. We need to deliver the two-facedness of our character as a couple that looked happy on the outside, but deep down, we were afraid about the secret that we hide from others. But it was difficult to sort out that relationship during our first shooting. I talked to our director and nuna (Chae Jung An) about it, so we managed to figure it out properly and we were able to shoot well afterwards. Our chemistry too was getting better too as the filming progressed. I was able to shoot well and having fun while filming.”

170418_yjh_presscon_iview_2When he was asked  about the difference of this villain role comparing to the past villain roles he used to play, Yeon Jung Hoon replied, “Actually, I hadn’t played a lot of villain roles that much. But I did play as a bad guy before especially in my recent works. However, in this drama, Mo Seung Jae is a bit more carefree character than the previous villain roles I’ve played so far. He’s someone who has everything and someone who can get anything he wants in life but yet, he still wants to have more. That’s when things get messed up due to his greedy desire. If I had portrayed villain that focus on revenge before, this time I tried to create a villain character that’s less intense and more laid back with comedic attribute to it.”

“The scriptwriter told me that he wanted to make a different kind of villain for this drama. Since I also had the intention to play a new villain that has different feels to it, we both were struggling and scratching our head together, trying to create a slightly different character that we aimed for. The director also told the same thing to me when I first decided to join this project. He said that it would be good if I can portray a villain that gives different feel to other existing villain characters that we’ve seen so far. He suggested me to mix my real personality into the usual villain characteristic I’ve used to play, hoping to create the new version of villain with different feel that we had in mind.”

“I want to talk more about my character as Mo Seung Jae but then he is a character that holds some spoiler parts in the drama so regrettably I couldn’t say more. I couldn’t explain in detail about it yet at this point, because my character has crucial secret in the drama. But my character Mo Seung Jae is not a psychopath or anything like that. He’s just someone who definitely enrich the development of the story along with other characters in the drama. All I can say, Mo Seung Jae is a mysterious character but yet he’s still a man full of charisma. He’s not a typical villain and in fact he doesn’t even know that if he’s a villain himself. ”

“‘Man To Man’ is a drama with many genres. It feels like it is some kind of assorted gift set. It has thriller, comedy, spy and melodrama elements to it. I think it will be a lot of fun to watch. So please watch it with great interest.”

‘Man To Man’ will be aired on 11 pm every Friday and Saturday via JTBC and Netflix starting this April 21st.

Sources: sports.khan.co.krwww.sedaily.comsports.hankooki.com & sportalkorea.mt.co.kr
Translated by: yjhsphere


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] 170418 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Interview With Media Regarding His Role In ‘Man To Man’

  1. Tiyka says:

    It’s here already thank u so much hiedi, i’m so glad you still loyal to him eventhough his carreer is down lately not only he is just supporting carracter but as a villain again 😥
    I’m afraid he’s typecasted too & cant go back to his nice guy image

    • Hiedi says:

      I know right. He was the main lead during ‘East Of Eden’ while PHJ & KSW was the supporting at that time. It’s not that I have problem with PHJ & KSW being the main lead. They both are talented actors too. It’s just, life is full of ups & downs. But I’m here… still hoping he’ll be the main lead again someday! p(^_^)q

  2. Elile says:

    Thank you Heidi for your all works here to support our actor. To me he is the best actor in kdrama. I was so impressed to his roles in the past ( EOD, Jejungwo, Pots of Gold, VP1&2..,even the early role like Love is all around). And I am still endorsing him as the excellent actor and there is no comparison him to the other young actors now. He is so charismatic, cooperative and friendly man in both his real life & acting . I am so sad & wonder why he doesn’t have many leading roles in drama :((. Like you said as the above I am hoping he is the main lead again.👏🙏💪

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