[NEWS & PIC] Yeon Jung Hoon’s Character Description As Mo Seung Jae In ‘Man To Man’

Yeon Jung Hoon 'ManXMan' CP - Mo Seung Jae.jpg

Mo Seung Jae Character Description

He’s the 3rd generation chaebol, the heir and president of huge global corporation Songsan Group. He has gentle smile and voice with neat and good looking appearance along with smart brain. Seung Jae lost his parents since childhood due to an accident and he was raised by his grandfather Mo Byung Do; the founder who made Songsan Group into what it is today. Strong and ‘untouchable’ so that no one can ever take Seung Jae’s position within the ‘magnificent’ Songsan Group but on the other hand he also built the strong & untouchable empire to forbid his grandchild Seung Jae from going beyond its ‘wall’. But because of love, Seung Jae happened to cross the wall against his grandfather’s permission for the first time. He fell in love with rising star Song Mi Eun and he thought he can do anything if he can make the girl his. In the end, he managed to get married to Song Mi Eun and led a happy marriage with her.

8 years later, Seung Jae inherited Songsan Group after the sudden death of his grandfather and started Songsan Group’s management using the remnant power that his grandfather left behind but still he lacked of just one thing! The 1 trillion won of slush fund that his grandfather stashed away that he think would be the solid thing that can strengthen his power within Songsan Group’s management. Seung Jae determines to find it so he can become the truly successor that can pass on Songsan Group to his son Jae Young.

** My honest opinion on his role this time… I admit I don’t particularly excited about him playing a villain chaebol role again after ‘Mask’ & ‘Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Ki’ 😐. I’m worried that he’ll be so type-cast that he won’t ever get his hands on dynamic roles out there because I want to see him challenge himself more and become more versatile like Ji Sung, Nam Goong Min & Jo Seung Woo for example. However, I still hope ‘Mo Seung Jae’ is different from typical evil chaebol that he had played so far. Because from the teaser, the drama feels somewhat lighter even its story line sounds kinda cheesy & ‘makjang’ish on paper (Words like chaebol, halyu star & mysterious bodyguard, in one drama synopsis made me cringed. Sorry, I couldn’t help it! 😜) Who knows, it might be good right?! 


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