[NEWS] 170303 Yeon Jung Hoon Sends Jiyugaoka Truck To ‘My Gap Soon’ Filming Set


On March 2, Yeon Jung Hoon sent a Jiyugaoka coffee truck to ‘My Gap Soon’ filming Set to support PD Bu Seong Cheol whom he has good relationship with since working together in drama ‘Mask’ (PD Bu Seong Cheol was the director for ‘Mask’).

Yeon Jung Hoon picked the menu selection himself including the type of bread and coffee to be sent despite being busy with his own filming schedule for ‘Man To Man’.

“I hope this will give a little strength to PD Bu Seong Cheol, the casts and all the staffs who feel weary after they have been working hard since August last year,” said Yeon Jung Hoon.

“I am thankful for the great care despite being busy yourself. Thanks to you, the mood of the filming set seems to be much better,” told PD Bu Seong Cheol as an appreciation to Yeon Jung Hoon.

Source: Heraldcorp
Translated by: yjhsphere

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