[NEWS] 161003 Yeon Jung Hoon Joins JTBC’s ‘Man To Man’ As Villain Chaebol Named Mo Seung Jae

It’s now confirmed that Yeon Jung Hoon will join JTBC’s new drama ‘Man To Man’ playing a villain role yet again alongside other main casts; Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, Kim Min Jung & Chae Jung An.

Yeon Jung Hoon will be playing the role of Mo Seung Jae; the 3rd generation chaebol of Songsan Group. He lives his life the way his grandfather wants after the sudden death of his father but deep inside he still has his own huge ambition. He loves Song Mi Eun (the role will be played by Chae Jung An) a former Miss Korea who’s now an aspiring actress. Although he managed to make Song Mi Eun as his wife, he still uses every possible way to completely ruin the life of Yeo Woon Gwang (the role will be played by Park Sung Woong); a former stuntman turned hallyu star actor; the man who Song Mi Eun truly loves. While Park Hae Jin will be playing the role of Kim Seol Woo; a mysterious NIS agent whose existence known only by a few people inside the organization itself. He is assigned as a bodyguard that protects Yeo Woon Gwang.

‘Man To Man’ is penned by writer Kim Won Suk (previous works; Queen Of Classroom & co-writer of Descendants Of The Sun) It will be directed by PD Lee Chang Min (previous work; Giant & Remember: War Of The Son). The first script reading for ‘Man To Man’ was held today and they will do the test-shooting tomorrow (October 4th) and hopefully there will be some promo photos out soon.  The drama will start its filming around this month and there will be some abroad shooting as well around November. ‘Man to Man’ is a 100% pre-produced drama and if it’s going well, the drama will be aired around March 2017 via JTBC.

Picture credit: IG owner @ssang0950 & @karameloops
Drama info source: parksungwoong.tistory.com
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