[NEWS} 160726 Yeon Jung Hoon Is Currently Considering The Offer To Star In KBS New Historical Drama ‘Dasan Jeong Yak Yong’

An official representative of KBS drama told media that Yeon Jung Hoon is offered to play the role of Jeong Yak Yong; one of the greatest philosopher and reformer around late Joseon through KBS new historical saga drama entitled ‘Dasan Jeong Yak Yong’. Besides him, it is also reported that actor Ryu Jin also has been offered to star in the drama alongside him as King Jeongjo.

Dasan Jeong Yak Yong was the first Korean who advocated democracy and politics for the people. He wrote over 500 books during his lifetime of 75 years, Jeong Yak-yong covered nearly all fields of knowledge in his writings, ranging from Politics and Economics to Agriculture and Castellation. He was also an expert in civil engineering. He designed and oversaw the construction of the walls of Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. However, Jeong Yak-yong was more than just a scholar. As a government official, inventor and writer, he was a reformer at heart, striving to restructure Joseon society through the philosophy of ‘Practical Learning,’ known as Silhak. He was an enthusiastic fan of pragmatic Western ideas but remained deeply committed to Confucianism, valuing tradition as a foundation for the people and society.

‘Dasan Jeong Yak Yong’ will be directed by PD Han Joon Seo (also the director for ‘Capital Scandal’ & ‘Powerful Opponent’) and the script will be penned by writer Hong Soon Mok who wrote for KBS drama special 2015 ‘The Wind Blows Where Your Heart Is’. Many people anticipate further news of this casting because if Yeon Jung Hoon give his confirmation to play for the role, it will be his first lead role in historical genre since his debut.

The drama will have 36 episodes and its filming will start on October. It is scheduled to be aired via KBS1 around January 2017.

Source: isplus.joins.com & KBSWorld
Translated by: yjhsphere


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