[NEWS, PIC & VID] 160611 Yeon Jung Hoon Competes In Ferrari Challenge APAC 2016, Shanghai

After skipping the secound round of Ferrari Challenge APAC 2016 that took place in Abu Dhabi last time, (perhaps because he didn’t want to be far from his wife during the last several weeks of her pregnancy), Yeon Jung Hoon joined the race once again in Shanghai this time. The racing event took place at the Shanghai International Circuit from June 9 until June 11.

Yeon Jung Hoon won 3rd place during Race 1 and he got 4th place during Race 2 the following day. Below are the official result of his performance from Race 1 & Race 2 during the Shanghai race:-

Shanghai Race 2016 Result Race 1Shanghai Race 2016 Result Race 2

It was hard to find his pictures online this time. However, I managed to snap a few from the short clip featuring the race.

And here are the clip during his winning in Race 1 and another short clip by KBS News reporting his victory in this Shanghai Race:-

Credit: races.ferrari.com, KBS News & Ferrari Youtube Channel


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