[NEWS] 160311 Yeon Jung Hoon To Cameo In JTBC’s Upcoming Drama ‘Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Ki’


JTBC has announced on March 11 that Yeon Jung Hoon will make a cameo appearance in the drama ‘Ms.Temper and Nam Jung Ki’ as one of the ex-husbands of the role played by actress Lee Yo Won. A representative from his agency 935 Entertainment also confirmed the news and stated that Yeon Jung Hoon is currently still discussing & reviewing the details of his special appearance in the drama.

According to JTBC, Yeon Jung Hoon will be playing the 3rd husband of Wook Da Jung (Lee Yo Won’s character) named Lee Ji Sang who’s also her first love. He is said to be a financial expert who loves money so much that he can literally “smells money” and run to get it no matter what. He & Wook Da Jung have a love-hate relationship and after they divorced, he reappears in Wook Da Jung’s life to ruin her. Apart from Yeon Jung Hoon, actor Lee Jung Jin (which one of my fav actor since 9 End 2 Outs) & actor Song Jae Hee (the one who played Han Ga In’s brother in Moon Embracing The Sun) will also appear as cameo in the drama as the 2nd and 1st husband respectively .

‘Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Ki’ will premier on March 18 next week, taking 8.30pm Friday & Saturday time slot, replacing Madame Antoine.

** Although I want him to work in his own new project, I actually don’t mind him doing cameo appearances here and there after ‘Mask’. It is undertstandable because I expect him to be fully ready to work again only after Han Ga In safely delivered their 1st baby… which is very soon now! I’m excited for that too. 😄 Until then, I’m just happy that we still get to see him on small screen even just as cameo.  😍

Source: pop.heraldcorp.com & TenAsia
Translated by: yjhsphere



3 thoughts on “[NEWS] 160311 Yeon Jung Hoon To Cameo In JTBC’s Upcoming Drama ‘Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Ki’

  1. tiyka says:

    Hiedi is it like his cameo on cho young 2 or special appearance like in “dream”? Eventhough i want to see him so badly in new drama i hope he accompany hgi too till the delivery ^^

    • Hiedi says:

      Sorry I don’t get you. What do you mean by “dream”? I’m totally lost here.. If “dream” you referred here as an imaginary or an illusion, I don’t think so. Not so much detail about his role other than what I stated. So, let’s wait for more infos later.. 😉 Oh.. I’m pretty sure he’ll do just that. They’ve been waiting for this baby for a while now. 🙂

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