[NEWS] 151123 Yeon Jung Hoon & Wife Expecting 1st Baby


Sorry for not updating this blog for weeks. I wasn’t feeling very well lately. I guess this year, my biggest challenge is dealing with health issues. 😦 But I’m much okay now. So, back to business! I know it’s late but still, if you haven’t heard yet (which I’m sure you knew already),  Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In are expecting their first child after 10 years of marriage. His wife’s agency BH Entertainment confirmed the happy news that Han Ga In is currently 19 months pregnant which is nearly 5 months already (around 1 month ago from this late post).

According to close relative,an Ga In has been very cautious about everything since her pregnancy. She even tries to abstain from going outside which is understandable after the miscarriage that she went through last year. Congrats and hopefully around April next year we get to hear happier news about the baby’s birth! Who knows maybe the daddy himself will upload his baby’s feet picture on his IG! 😉


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] 151123 Yeon Jung Hoon & Wife Expecting 1st Baby

    • Hiedi says:

      I’ve been busy as always though. :/ Hehe.. and I’m still in the recovery process but I feel much better now. Just trying to catch up with all the updates. Lots to do here! 😥

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