[PIC] 150920 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Instagram Update

150920_yjh_instacap_1150920_yjh_insta_1손흥민선수 화이팅!!!  (Translation: Player Son Heung Min, fighting!!!)

150920_yjh_instacap_2150920_yjh_insta_2마법을 거는중~ 내가 지켜보고있다~ ㅋㅋ (Translation: I’m watching (the game)
while casting a magic spell (on the opponent player) ~ kk)

150920_yjh_instacap_3150920_yjh_insta_3찌…찍었다!!!! 손흥민선수 골~~~!!!! #손흥민 #토트넘 (Translation: I captured it!!! Player Son Heung Min scored a goal ~~~!!! #sonheungmin #tottenham)

150920_yjh_instacap_4150920_yjh_insta_4손흥민선수골로 1:0 승리 대박!!! 나의 마법이 통했다!!! 덜덜덜~ #손흥민 #토트넘 (Translation: Won 1-0 with the goal scored by Player Son Heung Min. Daebak!!! My magic spell really worked!!! Amazed~ #sonheungmin #tottenham)

150920_yjh_instacap_5150920_yjh_insta_5중계tv에 나오신 유명인과 한컷 ㅋ #손흥민 #토트넘 #belstaffkorea ( Translation: A glimpse of a celebrity appearance was shown on a (local) televised TV. kk #sonheungmin #tottenham #belstaffkorea)

And below is a picture uploaded by Steve Lim, Yeon Jung Hoon’s manager via his instagram.

150920_yjh_sns_whitestadium~ They went to see a game between Tottenham vs Crystal Palace at the White Hart Lane Stadium ~

** Son Heung Min is a South Korean football player who plays for English club Tottenham Hotspur.

Pictured credit: Yeon Jung Hoon’s IG @jeffyoun & Steve Lim’s IG @xixstevelimxix


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