[PIC] 150822 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Instagram Update

150822_yjh_instacap_1 150822_yjh_insta_1나의 새로운 촬영용 장비~ 광복70주년 #라이카 #leica (Translation: My new photography equipment ~ 70th anniversary of Korea’s Independence Day #leica)

150822_yjh_instacap_2150822_yjh_insta_2Love in Pusan… 부산은 참 좋다~ (Translation: Love in Pusan… Pusan is a very nice place ~)

 150822_yjh_instacap_3150822_yjh_insta_3부산에 오면 이정도 사진은 찍어줘야징~ ktx짱. 후배결혼식 때문에 온 너무 짦은 여정… (Translation: At least I should have take a picture like this when coming to Pusan ~ KTX is the best. I came here to attend a hoobae’s wedding, this is a really short trip…)

Picture credit: Yeon Jung Hoon’s IG @jeffyoun

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