[NEWS] 150818 Yeon Jung Hoon To Appear As Cameo In Korea-China Web Drama ‘Swan’


Actor Yeon Jung Hoon made a special appearance in Korea-China collaborative work, web drama ‘Swan.’

During the August 16 filming at a hospital in Gangnam, Yeon Jung Hoon played Kim Min Seo’s (Nam Gyuri) senior and hospital director Park Jung Hwan. He showed a complete opposite character from his antagonistic role in ‘Mask,’ with his gentle and warm image.

The script of the Korea-China collaborative drama uses Korean, Chinese and English. Yeon Jung Hoon personally edited the English lines, showing his enthusiasm. Waiting for his Hollywood movie to be released, Yeon Jung Hoon proves his fluency in the language. Moreover, in the released pictures on him on set, Yeon Jung Hoon sports a bright hair color, looking dandy and cute.

The producers of the web drama stated, “Yeon Jung Hoon played a big part in the work so we are very thankful. Even though he is a special appearance, he was full of professionalism and passion, touching the hearts of all the actors and producers.”

‘Swan’ is about a Chinese genius surgeon and his ex-wife who is a Korean surgeon who jointly run a beauty clinic and the dramatic situations that occur. Going away from the standard 10-minute web drama, the 10-episodes are 40 minutes long. This web drama will be released in October in both Korea and China.

Meanwhile, Yeon Jung Hoon is carefully deciding on his next work and is waiting for the release of his Hollywood film ‘Skiptrace’ in December.

Source: BNTNews


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