[PIC] 150802 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Instagram Update

150802_yjh_instacap_1150802_yjh_insta_112년간 한결같이 날 지켜준 내 매니져 영처리~ 많은 나이에도 #가면 현장을 같이 뛰어준 철아~ 수고했고 홍콩서 잼있게 놀다와 – (Translation: My manager Young Chul who has been constantly looking after me for 12 years ~ Chul-ah, for working together with me at #Mask filming set despite your old age, thank you and have a fun trip at Hong Kong ~

150802_yjh_instacap_2 150802_yjh_insta_2비가 오락가락하는 오늘…. 공허함을 달래기 위한 남산 조깅~ 촬영이 없으니 이상하네..ㅎㅎ 다들 보고싶다 벌써 (Translation: It rains on and off today…To assuage the sense of emptiness that I feel, I go jogging at Namsan ~ No shooting schedule makes me feel strange. Huhu, I miss everyone already)

Picture credit: Yeon Jung Hoon’s IG @jeffyoun


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