[PIC] Yeon Jung Hoon In ‘Mask’ BTS Pictures

Credit: SBS


3 thoughts on “[PIC] Yeon Jung Hoon In ‘Mask’ BTS Pictures

  1. LotsofDramas1291 says:

    Heidi hello there! thanks to your blog i had the chance to recollect past and current updates, news and interviews about my favorite Actor, Yeon Jung Hoon (the guy with such smile is indeed lovely) – i was in middle school then when i watched him. my very first YJH drama was Yellow Handkerchief with her then Co-star and now wife, Han Ga-In and through that i became a fan of both korean stars..
    i think i missed him too much during the last years that i wanted to see more clips and videos of him especially the ones coming from his current SBS Drama “Mask” and thanks to him i enjoyed the show. KUDOS to YJH for his intense and scary figure as a villain in that series, yeon jung hoon nailed that Min Seok Hoon character pretty well ~~ i hope to see him soon in other dramas in future when this series ends

    • Hiedi says:

      Hi there! Yeah, I hope to see him in the near future too. It’s fortunate he has an IG account now. At least we are able to know a lil more about his life. And also thank you for visiting this blog & commenting! I appreciate that. 🙂 Gonna update with his new interview with InStyle magazine soon! Gotta spread the love for this adorbs ahjussi! 😉

      • LOTSOFDRAMAS1291 says:

        your blog has been a great thing to me because i thought kdrama fans have long forgotten this guy. i’m really thankful and quite “fortunate” also to have found yeonjunghoon sphere in facebook.. i’m in the midst of reading and re-reading your posts right now. Thanks!! and i’m Looking forward for that. thanks a lot to your effort and for keeping us posted! 🙂 ❤ ❤ Ahjussi is LOVE

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