[NEWS & VID] 150617 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Interview In SBS Midnight TV Entertainment


Yeon Jung Hoon was interviewed for his role as a villain in ‘Mask’ since the topic higlighted about the glory days of actors who play villain roles nowadays and also about actors with nice image challenging themselves with villain role and thrilled the audience with their villain acting.

It is his first villain role and he got the nickname ‘Devil‘ in the way he torments Soo Ae in the drama ‘Mask’. Yeon Jung Hoon said when he first acted for the role, he heard a lot from the people around, asking whether he is originally a cold-hearted person like that (like his role as Min Seok Hoon). So, he works hard trying to look more as if he is a cold-hearted devil himself. That includes his effort in putting eyeliner just to look devilish for his character as suggested by his makeup team. He said he wears a small amount of eyeliner at the outer corner of his eyes so when he stares from one side it will create much more intense gaze.

He said in laughing manner that his face is somewhat a smiley face as you can see from the clip he smiles and laughs a lot in the filming set.  He said senior co-stars can’t immerse into their roles because of him. Sometimes they will ask him a favor to go elsewhere for a moment while they act. Yeon Jung Hoon also said that he can sometimes be overly chatty too so he really puts much efforts to strip away the gentle image that he’s already known as before.

I guess his effort is worth it. Besides the nickname ‘Devil‘, Yeon Jung Hoon also gained another nickname as ‘Angry Jung Hoon‘. Viewers called him that because the way his eye brows looked when he’s angry in the drama resembles Angry Bird’s eyebrows! Hahaha 😆

Angry Jung Hoon-Angry Jung Hoon vs Angry Bird –

Below is the clip of his interview in SBS Midnight TV Entertainment:-

Source: Newsen , Herald Reviewstar  & Newspim
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