[PIC] 150609 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Instagram Update

It has been awhile since my last update. To be honest I’ve been struggling with health issues lately.. 😦 But now, I’m feeling a little bit better. Alhamdulillah… So here I am, trying to catch up with quite a lot of updates. Ok, back to business. Yeon Jung Hoon seemed to be in a good mood when he uploaded series of pictures via his instagram on June 9. Below are those lovely pictures he shared!

150609_yjh_ig_cap1150609_yjh_insta우린 피곤하지만….. #가면 (Translation: We’re tired but… #mask)

I50609_yjh_ig_cap2 150609_yjh_insta_2기다리고…. #가면 (Translation: I’m waiting and… #mask)      

I50609_yjh_ig_cap3 150609_yjh_insta_3기다리며…. #가면 (Translation: Waiting and… #mask)

150609_yjh_ig_cap4 150609_yjh_insta_4때론 딴짖도 하며… #가면 (Translation: Sometimes I do something else unrelated too… #mask)

I50609_yjh_ig_cap5150609_yjh_insta_5최고의 드라마를 만들려 노력한다..ㅋㅋ #가면 (Translation: I’m working hard in order to make the best drama.. kk #mask)

Credit: Yeon Jung Hoon’s IG @jeffyoun


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