[NEWS] 150528 Yeon Jung Hoon During Ferrari Challenge APAC Shanghai, China 2015

The 3rd round of Ferrari Challenge APAC of 2015 took place in Shanghai from May 23 to May 24 last week at Shanghai International Circuit. I was going to post update about the race sooner but I got sick: conjunctivitis + flu + cough + sprained ankle, I have all these at once! 😦 But I’m getting better now. So here I am updating this blog… Hehe.. So, back to business. During Race 1, Yeon Jung Hoon didn’t finished the race due to tyre problem. Fortunately, he managed to be in 2nd place during Race 2 which was so awesome! 🙂

Below, are the official result for both Race 1 & Race 2:-

150523ShanghaiRace1Result 150524ShanghaiRace2Result

His profile picture on ferrari website:-

yjh_ferrariprofilpic1 yjh_ferrariprofilpic2

Although there are plenty of fantaken pictures of him during the race, I cannot share them here (the owner didn’t want the pics to be shared elsewhere). So, these are all the pictures I got during his stay at Shanghai..

And below are the clips during Race 1 & Race 2 in Shanghai:-

Credit: ferrari.com , IG owner irmawanpoedjoadi & italautoracing


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] 150528 Yeon Jung Hoon During Ferrari Challenge APAC Shanghai, China 2015

    • Hiedi says:

      I haven’t watch both dramas yet. But I plan to, even though i’m not so into hong sis dramas for the past few years… Hev u watch mask yourself? Oh about the midnite ent clip, i tried to upload on YT already & it got blocked straight away.. sorry..

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