[NEWS] 150522 Yeon Jung Hoon Has Been Chosen As The Official Model For ‘CAFFÉ LATERRE’ & ‘Kkotbing’

Yeon Jung Hoon has signed an exclusive contract with True Friend F&C to be the model for their franchise specialty coffee brand CAFFÉ LATERRE as well as for their specialty dessert brand ‘KKotbing’. Their first commercial shoot was done recently and the advertisement has already been put up on their homepage since last May 15.

Yeon Jung Hoon has shown sweet and gentle image through his acting in ‘Daddy Long Legs’, ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ and his other works. But at the same time, he also possesses tough and manlike charisma that can be seen through ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ and the show that he hosted ‘Top Gear Korea.’

A representative from True Friend F&C who runs ‘CAFFÉ LATERRE’ and ‘Kkotbing’ told the reason why they chose Yeon Jung Hoon as their model. “Yeon Jung Hoon carries both gentle image and tough appeal at the same time. So he is well-suited with our coffee brand ‘CAFFÉ LATERRE’ that has sweet and mild coffee taste. While his strong guy image goes well with our cool snow flakes bingsoo (shaved ice dessert) brand ‘Kkotbing’. With those qualities we think that he will be able to give credibility to our customers and for that reason we decided to choose him. We will be at our full strength to promote our brand in the future with Yeon Jung Hoon.”

Yeon Jung Hoon is scheduled to return to small screen through his new drama ‘Mask’ next week. The first episode will be aired on May 27 at 10pm via SBS.

Source: SportsToday
Translate by: yjhsphere


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