[NEWS] 150521 Yeon Jung Hoon Talks About His Role In ‘Mask’


The press conference for his new drama ‘Mask’ took place at SBS building in Mokdong around 2pm on May 19.

During the press con event, Yeon Jung Hoon talked about his role as Min Seok Hoon in the drama. “I found the script was so interesting when I first read it. I was drawn into Seok Hoon’s character in the script because I’ve never seen such a role from all the scripts that I’ve received so far. I really want to try playing for this role and I suddenly have a strong desire to try expressing those emotions that this character has.”

“Therefore, I went to meet Director Bu Seong Cheol myself and told him “I’ll do it“. The script was that interesting to me. I didn’t need to think about anything else, it was just that I wanted to do this role and that was it,” admit Yeon Jung Hoon about how interested he was about Min Seok Hoon character in the drama.

“My character is a person who has been dreaming about taking revenges due to his past childhood. Rather than a full-fledged villain, I’d rather think my role as just a devil. A devil who makes other existing villains pale in comparison with, someone who uses other people’s weaknesses to mock at them and he’ll make them join his ‘playground’. So, he (Min Seok Hoon) is very different from my previous roles. He also talks using many philosophical words and I’m trying to deliver all the details about him as precisely as what was written in the script.”

When asked about what kind of preparation he did to play this villain role, Yeon Jung Hoon said, “I wore eyeliner for my role. Not much, just a very little amount of eyeliner. The makeup team wanted to emphasize the fierce eyes more so they decided to apply eyeliner on me. ” Hearing this, Joo Ji Hoon said “Really?” in a surprised laughter.

Yeon Jung Hoon also told about the extra amount of efforts that the production staffs have put for this drama. “Our lighting director used different lighting for each of our characters. When filming for Soo Ae’s part, there’ll be some kind of halo lighting effect from behind her. The same halo lighting effect can also be seen when we’re filming for Yoo In Young’s part. The lighting seemed a bit darker for JooJi Hoon, while for me, the director used somewhat a rough lighting to complement with my role.”

“Because they used different setting to complement with each of our roles, I think it encouraged us (the actors) to shoot with more enthusiasm and give our very best.”

Bu Seong Cheol PD was asked about Yeon Jung Hoon’s acting in the drama. To this he replied, “”From Yeon Jung Hoon, I originally wanted him to give a vibe of a devilish figure who is standing in the sunlight. A devilish character who was originally a warm-hearted person. But the more he went into the role, he just seemed to be like a real devil himself,” told the PD about Yeon Jung Hoon’s acting which aroused laughter. “Yeon Jung Hoon really gave a very intense acting performance for his role. Even the staffs said they could feel evil vibe from him on the filming set. He’s really good in playing villain role.”

Bu Seong Cheol PD also told that Yeon Jung Hoon did the car chasing scene himself without using stuntman. “To start shooting, we need to have these four people ; actor, director, cinematographer and lighting director. When we were shooting this kind of scene, we (the staffs) literally were prepared to die but the car chasing scene became a very intense racing scene to the point that when we stepped off the car, we all need to eat ‘cheongshimhwan’ (cow bezoar powder that is normally wrapped in gold foil) just to calm down our nerves.”

To this, Yeon Jung Hoon commented, “Usually, stuntmen do a lot of body double and actors will sat on a car that has been lifted up on a towing truck. Only their face part will be filmed. But the director and I wanted to produce a lively and dynamic scene and we became a bit greedy about it. So, several cameras were put in different angels in the car. Four of us including me, the director, the cinematographer and the lighting director were shooting for the scene and when we returned after finished shooting, we heard that other staffs were happy because they were able to rest a little bit when we were away.”

‘Mask’ will have its premiere episode airs on next Wednesday May 27 replacing drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ via SBS at the same timeslot.

** Me: Im’ so ready to see ‘devil Yeon’ in action next week! XD

Source: mydaily , FNNews , SportsDonga, reviewstar.heraldcorp , StarMK
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