[INFO] Yeon Jung Hoon’s Character Summary In ‘Mask’

Min Seok Hoon (Age 34), husband to Choi Mi Yeon (played by Yoo In Young) & that made him as Choi Min Woo’s (played by Joo Ji Hoon) elder brother-in-law.

His philosophy of life is ‘The words that come from the mouth of a stronger person is the truth and the words that come from the mouth of a weaker person is a lie.’ Because of that, to him, in order to beat the strong ones, he needs to be the strongest among all.

He has it all; smart brain, good look and silver tongue. From the outward appearance, he looks like a righteous person who has a nice manner but on the inside, he is actually someone who filled with ambition. He has an exceptional self-control and so thoroughgoing about everything. If he’s aiming for something, no matter what he will form a brilliant strategy to achieve his goal but he won’t ever choose a coward method to get what he wants.

He is a scary man who will give a feeling of trust to others at first but he will completely betray them later at the last moment. Growing up in a cloudy life with his father, his goal in life is to become a strong and powerful person so that he can bring justice to the absurd world that he lives in. But in the process of creating a sensible world of his dream, he ended up doing irrational things that he regards as ‘necessary evil’ in order to put everything back in its right way later in the end.

Source: SBS (‘Mask’ Official Homepage)
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