[NEWS] 150506 Yeon Jung Hoon During The First Script Reading Of ‘Mask’


The first script reading of SBS drama ‘Mask’ was actually held during early of last April.

A representative of the production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated, “It was a breathtaking script reading as the actors and actresses worked in perfect harmony with one another. The relaxed atmosphere before the script reading was gone when they began reading lines to each other like professionals. Moreover, everyone was satisfied of Hoya and Park Ji Min’s acting.”

Soo Ae who attended the meeting with no makeup on, showed an excellence acting skills and seemed to be very well familiarized with her character already despite hasn’t been acting for quite some time. While Joo Ji Hoon and Yeon Jung Hoon managed to express the conflict between two chaebol men so tactfully, creating an intense confrontation right from the beginning. Besides, Yoo In Young who also one of the main leads in the drama, radiated a femme fatale charm through her acting, added more tension to the whole script reading session.

‘Mask’ is a work of the writer of ‘Secret’ Choi Ho Cheol and its story evolves around a woman who hides her identity to become a daughter-in-law of a chaebol family, a man who loves his woman unconditionally and tries to protect her from others who want to reveal her identity and seek revenge upon her. It is a drama filled with rivalry, revenge, conspiracy and mystery.

The director of this drama Bu Seong Cheol  whose previous work was ‘The Heirs’ & ‘My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho’ said he is confident to showcase a well-made drama this time since half of this drama has already been pre-produced. He also claimed that it will be a watchworthy drama in which its casts give a thrustworthy acting performance and thus heightened the anticipation for this upcoming drama.

‘Mask’ will be aired soon after ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ ends around the end of May.

Source: JoyNews24
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