[NEWS & PIC] 150425 Yeon Jung Hoon During Race 1 Of Ferrari Challenge APAC Fuji, Japan 2015

The 2nd round of the Ferrari Challenge APAC took place today on April 25 at Fuji Speedway with 24 cars & drivers competing against each other to be on top. Yeon Jung Hoon was participating under Pirelli AM category this year with his yellowish black  458 Challenge EVO car which its number now changed to 49. As you can see from the result of the Race 1 that I attached below, he managed to positioned himself  to the 4th place under Pirelli AM category. Pretty good right? Below are some pictures of him throughout the race shared by the kind-hearted rep. 🙂

Result of Race 1 Race 1 Result - Fuji

According to 935 Entertainment, his participation in Fuji Racing Days will also be covered by a Japanese program called ‘Han Love’ that delivers the news & coverage of Korean entertainment via broadcasting channel BS 11. Hopefully, I can get my hands on the coverage clip or perhaps his Japanese fans out there will share it with us ;). Race 2 will continue tomorrow around 1.30 pm (local time) & I’ll update here more about the race soon!

Credit: Twitter of @935enter, IG @generalideanewyork & @sonicmotorsport, corseclienti.ferrari.com


2 thoughts on “[NEWS & PIC] 150425 Yeon Jung Hoon During Race 1 Of Ferrari Challenge APAC Fuji, Japan 2015

  1. tiyka says:

    Thanks hiedi as always ^^
    Too bad he doesn’t get the podium i hope today he will
    Do u think han love is han ga in love ?

    • Hiedi says:

      Nope.. ‘Han Love’ is the name of the TV show just like ‘KBS Entertainment Weekly’. I think ‘Han Love’ here means love & enthusiasm for Korean (Han equals to Korea) entertainment. Nothing related to Han Ga In whatsoever. 😉

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