[NEWS] 150320 Yeon Jung Hoon Joins The Cast Line Up Of SBS Drama ‘Mask’


It’s officially now that Yeon Jung Hoon will return to dramaland after two years. His current agency 935 Entertainment just confirmed his comeback news today. “Yeon Jung Hoon decided to return to acting through SBS drama ‘Mask’ and he’s currently discussing more details about it,” told a representative from his agency.

‘Mask’ is a drama about people who live wearing masks to hide their true faces and its story will revive around chaebol family. Sounds cliché but somehow it makes me really excited because it comes from the writer of ‘Secret’ Choi Ho Chul (I love this drama for its intense conspiracy, revenge and mystery plot!) and PD Boo Sung Chul; the PD of ‘Heirs’, ‘Star’s Lover’ & ‘My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox’. Yeon Jung Hoon will be playing the bad guy role named Min Seok Hoon; a man who has smart brain and fine looking appearance and he enters chaebol family through marriage. He will work alongside Soo Ae & Joo Ji Hoon that will be playing for the protagonist roles. Soo Ae plays the role of a woman who hides her past to become a rich daughter-in-law and Joo Ji hoon plays the chaebol man who wants to protect her. Both are great decent actors too, so I really anticipate great teamwork and outcome from this whole collaboration from the writer, the PD and all the casts.

‘Mask’ is scheduled to be aired around the end of May after drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells ‘ ends. I’m so ready for the intense, twisty and turny ride that I’m sure the drama will offer. I know that Yeon Jung Hoon is not the good hero lead here. But I’m glad he choose to play the bad guy this time. Who knows he might get a Daesang for this role just like Lee Yoo Ri when she played the villain role in ‘Jang Bori Is Here!’ 😉

Source: MBN News & BNTNews
Translated by: yjhsphere

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