[NEWS] 150211 Yeon Jung Hoon Signs With 935 Entertainment As His New Agency


When I first translated the latest articles about him early this year, I did notice that 935 Entertainment was mentioned as his current agency in some of the articles published. I thought they made a mistake since there wasn’t any news about him moving agency yet so far at that time. So instead I just stated that all the news were clarified by SB Entertainment. Then I noticed again the changes made to his profile on Korean search portals that stated 935 Entertainment as his current agency. I wonder why no update news about this so I can have the confirmation I need before posting anything here in this blog.

At last… today, February 11, an official from 935 Entertainment just confirmed the news, “We have already signed an exclusive contract with actor Yeon Jung Hoon last month (January). Starting by signing a contract with Yeon Jeong-hoon, we plan to find and support new actors as well as established actors and we are committed to support our actors and we won’t spare any efforts to advance into the entertainment business abroad as a way to strengthen our position as an all-rounder entertainment company.”

935 Entertainment is an acting management company that also functions as an entertainment company that has been participating in content creations, productions and also in the investments of projects from Asian countries such as China and Japan as well as in Hollywood.

It was also reported that Yeon Jung Hoon is currently reviewing domestic and foreign works to work on as his new project. And as we already knew, he also made an appearance as a special guest in the ‘Running Man Lunar New Year Special’ episodes. So don’t forget to stay tune to the 2 special episodes that will air on this upcoming February 15 & February 22!

** I will try to find the address of 935 Entertainment & update on the ‘Fan Mail’ section as soon as I get it. But I think 935 Entertainment is just the same SB Entertainment which only its name now changed to 935 Entertainment from what I found through their official YouTube channel.

Source: JoyNews24
Translated by: yjhsphere


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