[NEWS] 150128 Yeon Jung Hoon & His Role As ‘Willy’ In The Movie ‘Skiptrace’

It is reported that the director of ‘Skiptrace’ decided to cast Yeon Jung Hoon to play the role of Willy, the right hand man to a high profile criminal organization because of his fluency in English.

A representative from SB Entertainment said, “Many actors auditioned for the role but director Renny Harlin was very satisfied with Yeon Jung Hoon’s image and his English pronunciation. Because of that, Yeon Jung Hoon got casted for the role, beating many other Chinese competitor actors. Although there are various opinions regarding his casting in the movie but we can confirm here that his casting is totally based on the director’s solid will. The director himself contacted Yeon Jung Hoon personally and he had a deep conversation about the character with Yeon Jung Hoon.”

The representative also said, “Yeon Jung Hoon has completed the shooting for ‘Skiptrace’ and currently remains in the country. And since the filming for movie ‘Sweet Speeding’ will be delayed a little bit from its original schedule, Yeon Jung Hoon is now considering other new projects to work on.”

Below are several official pictures that show Yeon Jung Hoon’s participation in ‘Skiptrace’; from the video audition session he had with Renny Harlin to the BTS pictures during the shooting.

Source: Newsen & TV Report
Translated by: yjhsphere

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