[RANDOM] 140916 Getting To Know A Tad More About Yeon Jung Hoon

On His Mind InStyle 2010

I was browsing twitter a few months back when I found someone posted this. Though it wasn’t a well-scanned picture but I saved it knowing that I could get a little more information about Yeon Jung Hoon. Only today, I remember to share it here. But I translated the clear parts only. If someone out there has a better nice scan of this particular page, please do share with me. I’m happy to translate the rest.

Yeon Jung Hoon – ON MY MIND section from InStyle Magazine 2010

The first thing that you do after waking up every morning…
I start my day by drinking freshly blended fruit juice made by my wife. Lately I enjoy drinking tomato juice. The juice made with my wife’s recipe has a refreshing taste to it without being overly sweet. Other than that, carrot-apple juice also has been one of my ‘must have morning juice’.

Beauty item that you have in your bag…
Due to my chapped lips, I’ll make sure that I must always have a lip balm with me. (He uses lip balm from Kiehl’s brand)

Recent movie that leaves deep impression to you…
‘Black Swan’ starring by Natalie Portman. Even I’m an actor myself, watching her great acting in that movie, giving me goosebumps. It’s a very impressive movie. I want to act in such a brilliant movie like ‘Black Swan’ if there’s an opportunity someday.

Music that you listen while driving…
I love Big Bang and among them I got hooked with G-Dragon’s music. I even go to karaoke room to practice singing their songs enthusiastically.

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