[NEWS] 140908 Updates On ‘Vampire Prosecutor 3’

MinTaeYeon sulking

Sadly, I’m here to deliver a bad news. According to an official from OCN on Sept 7, the cable channel is currently planning to do a spin-off of ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ instead of producing the 3rd season of the drama series. In other words, OCN plans to create a new story based on the popular character from the original ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ series. The official said, “The spin-off for ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ is still under planning stage. Although it’s not totally confirmed and finalized yet, but we’re aiming to release the spin-off during the first half of next year. We’re currently in the process of working for the synopsis of the spin-off.”

Also the official said “We will continue to discuss on how we’re going to proceed with the production of ‘Vampire Prosecutor 3’ but at the moment we don’t know specifically when is the time that we’re going to produce it for certain.”

Yikes!! Seriously.. who else is the most popular in the ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ series if not the ‘Min Tae Yeon’ himself? Right?? OCN is delusional or what?! Don’t mind me, I’m sulking right now….

Source: Joongang Ilbo
Translate by: yjhsphere


7 thoughts on “[NEWS] 140908 Updates On ‘Vampire Prosecutor 3’

  1. Claire says:

    I think I may have part of the answer on the delay for Vampire Prosecutor 3. The actor, Kim Joo Young, who portrays Choi Dong Man is in national service. He’s about 1 yr +++ more to go? And he looks soo different with a cropped haircut!


    Also, perhaps the other cast are all very busy atm, with existing contracts and obligations, to fulfill.

  2. Katerina Papakanellou says:

    Omg, they could at least be sure about season 3 and the spin-off better have Min Taeyeon as main and have him fight a little more! Vampire Detective kind of
    disappointed me when I watched it, ao I hope this will be better 🙂

  3. kaito says:

    i hate the fact that they stopped t it was great and whats wrong with the spin off (Vampire Detective) if they wanted to cut it to replace it with something it should have been better 😦
    please when is season 3 going to be released T_T

    • Hiedi says:

      If you notice, OCN likes to end most of their series on a cliffhanging note but doesn’t seem to have the intention to continue for another season to wrap up the story in a proper way. For example; ‘Bad Guys’, they just make the season 2 with a whole of different casts. And ‘Missing Noir M’.. still no news about its Season 2 even when the drama closed with a plot that the main lead’s wife went missing. So.. you get the picture.. Huhu.. But YJH did hint something related to VP in his IG. Something like VP in a form of movie? Not really sure about it because nothing really came up on k-news when I searched about it.

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