[NEWS] 140907 Yeon Jung Hoon Says Yes To ‘Sweet Speeding’

¹ìÆÄÀ̾î·Î º¯½ÅÇÑ ¿¬Á¤ÈÆOn September 3rd, production company ‘Kino Pictures’ together with Yeon Jung Hoon’s agency ‘SB Entertainment’ announced that Yeon Jung Hoon has confirmed his casting as the male lead in a movie entitled ‘Sweet Speeding’.

‘Sweet Speeding’ (also known as ‘Sweet Race’) is a sweet romance, fast paced car action movie that tells a story between a former car racer turned thief and a female detective with a four dimensional (4D) personality who has never been in a romantic relationship in all her life before. In the movie, Yeon Jung Hoon will play for a character named Woo Bin who had to give up his dreams in becoming a car racer because of his younger brother and he then eventually become a thief. While the female lead character Soo Jung will be played by actress Park Han Byul who has also confirmed her casting in the movie through her agency ‘Day Dream Entertainment’ on the following day September 4th.

Along with the romance elements, ‘Sweet Speeding’ is expected to have a lot of exciting car action sequences. The movie will go into productions this October after the rest of the cast is finalized.

** My POV: I’m still happy that Yeon Jung Hoon will get to work in new movie even though I’m not really satisfied with Park Han Byul as the female lead solely because of her plain acting performance. But the most important thing, I just hope the movie will be filming safely and successfully until the end. Also I hope there will be no problem in its post production so that the movie can be released next year. We all know that the production had some difficulties to make this one go as planned in the beginning. Plus, Yeon Jung Hoon himself had an experience with long postponed movie – ‘Good Friends’  which finally released on cinema screen after 8 years of its filming. I just can’t imagine if this one also follows the same fate. Lets hope for the best!!

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