[INTERVIEW] 140730 Yeon Jung Hoon After ‘2014 Asia Le Mans Series’ Race

I’ve been busy getting ready for Eidul-Fitr celebration since last week. So to all Muslim friends, I just wanna say ‘Eid Mubarak’ to you too! I guess I’ll be even busier this week celebrating.. plus my cousin’s wedding is on the way very very soon! But still, for my loyal visitors, here I am posting in the middle of the night.. or maybe I should say early morning because it’s nearly 4.00am here!

Anyway, below is Yeon Jung Hoon’s short interview with Autotimes after the race ended on July 20th. Happy reading!


– Your thoughts on your first win?

“I had experience racing in competition or even just participating in track day that were held at Inje circuit last year. So I know that Inje circuit is much harder than Shanghai circuit. I was receiving help from the mechanic even from the beginning of practice run and I think I won the game by luck since the other racers that have great skills didn’t play very well due to some personal reasons maybe. I didn’t quite believe it since I was very nervous to compete in a domestic game.”

-What is the best part about our domestic circuit?

“When I was hosting for XTM’s Top Gear Korea in the past, I was given the access to use the domestic circuit (for filming) quite often. It is also one of the interesting places of Inje. Very high skill and technique is required to tackle the elevation changes and dynamic courses of its track. Personally, I think it is less isolated than Yeongam circuit.”

– What happened that you ended up backing out of the race today?

“There was a mistake after I finished the first lap. When I was entering a corner, I was a little bit late in slowing down my speed and suddenly I was overtaken and left behind by several cars. Then when I wanted to seize the opportunity to overtake the cars back, I was forced to leave the race course due to a minor impact on my car. But the damage wasn’t severe and I think there would be no problem for me to keep participating in the next race in Japan.”

-Any plan for future projects?

“I won’t be too immersed into racing. I’m preparing for a new project and within several days I’ll decide on which good project that I’ll be working on to make a comeback.”

Source: Autotimes
Translate by: yjhsphere


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