[RANDOM] Yeon Jung Hoon & Prenatal Education

To some of you that asked me to cover this one article about Yeon Jung Hoon and his wife (here),  I’m going to summarize it very shortly. To be honest, it wasn’t a news-worthy article. Just a random story told from an “unnamed source” that stated Yeon Jung Hoon & his wife Han Ga In currently are focusing on prenatal education, so Han Ga In mostly just stays at home. Yeon Jung Hoon is very committed in taking care the health condition of his wife and their unborn baby. The “unnamed source” also stated the couple are back in a honeymoon mood and they start to call each other with affectionate nicknames. Also according to the “source” Yeon Jung Hoon told to his acquaintances that he feels that his sense of responsibility is growing since now he is a father-to-be. He’s excited & ready to work much harder to secure a good future for the baby. Please don’t mind the way I put the source as “unnamed” here, because the article didn’t actually refer to any source clearly. They only used ‘the representative’ without mentioning of Yeon Jung Hoon’s current agency or even Han Ga In’s management side. So I’m not that convinced to its reliability and validity. But still, just to feed the curiosity of some of you who insist to know what the article is all about, I hope this will do! 😉


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