[NEWS] 140712 Yeon Jung Hoon The Strong Candidate To Replace Kang Ji Hwan In ‘Romancing Game’


After the news was out about Kang Ji Hwan who supposed to be the lead for ‘Romancing Game’, had actually bowed out of the movie 7 months ago, Yeon Jung Hoon is said to be the strong candidate that will replace him in the movie. Along with that, the title for the movie has also now changed to ‘Sweet Flight’ or ‘Sweet Escape’. I’m struggling to find the best words to phrase the new title in English but I hope I got it right here. 

The movie representative stated, “Kang Ji Hwan made his final decision to not appear in the movie around the end of last year. Currently, Yeon Jung Hoon is the most likely candidate to play for the male lead role. We’re also in the process of casting for the female lead and other supporting casts for the movie.”

‘Romancing Game’ or should I say ‘Sweet Escape’ now, is an action-packed rom-com movie about sweet romance between an elusive thief (offered to Yeon Jung Hoon) who also knows how to steal women’s hearts (apart from the things he robs) and a female detective who is a novice in love. If everything goes well, the movie will start its filming on the second half of this year.

Well, Yeon Jung Hoon said in an interview before he wanted to play romantic role. And since this movie has ‘rom-com-action’ combo, so I think Yeon Jung Hoon will agree to do it. Let’s just wait for the confirmation news to be out soon.

Source: Newsen
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One thought on “[NEWS] 140712 Yeon Jung Hoon The Strong Candidate To Replace Kang Ji Hwan In ‘Romancing Game’

  1. tiyka says:

    i really wish he will accept it, i miss seeing him on big screen again, it’s been along time since his last movie sweet dream but seems like the movie company has a problem 😦

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