[NEWS] 140711 Yeon Jung Hoon In Friendly Pose With Actor Shin Hyun Joon

YJH & SHJ Tweet

Via his twitter account on July 11th, actor Shin Hyun Joon uploaded a picture of him lying on bed with Yeon Jung Hoon hugging him so closely from beside as if they’re a couple of lovebirds. Both of him & Yeon Jung Hoon posed with their eyes closed in a sleep-like appearance. Along with the picture, Shin Hyun Joon wrote a playful comment “Jung Hoon-a ~~ you already have a beautiful wife, but why you’re like this towards me~~~” 

It’s already known to public that both Yeon Jung Hoon & Shin Hyun Joon are a married man especially Yeon Jung Hoon who has been married for almost a decade to beautiful actress Han Ga In. While Shin Hyun Joon just married a Korean American woman 12 years his junior last year.

On the other hand, both Shin Hyun Joon & Yeon Jung Hoon will be appeared together in MBC’s new variety program entitled ‘Road King‘  (its previous working title was ‘Off-Road’) that is set to be aired in the early August.

‘Road King’ is a combination of camping and racing program in which all the participants will challenge themselves with water rafting, off-roading or trekking through mountain valley and many other adventurous activities while enjoying their camping time.

Source: StarNews
Translate by: yjhsphere


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] 140711 Yeon Jung Hoon In Friendly Pose With Actor Shin Hyun Joon

  1. Reeesha says:

    He’s so cute when sleeping ^_^

    By the way, can you please also translate this one? Thanks 🙂


  2. tiyka says:

    @hiedi do you think he’s really sleep ? or just make a prank about it ? but yjh sometimes looks childish so no wonder if he’s sleeping habit are like that lol
    btw please translate this article too http://t.co/Ys6B3mGNXU


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