[NEWS] 140421 Yeon Jung Hoon Is Going To Be A Father

I’m here to deliver the news that Yeon Jung Hoon and his wife Han Ga In are expecting their first child soon!  According to the Han Ga In’s side, Han Ga In now is 7 weeks pregnant and she’s very cautious to share the good news to the media since all Korean citizen are in the mourning mood due to the ferry incident.


On April 21, Han Ga In’s agency BH Entertainment also stated that the couple regards this pregnancy news as a blessing to their long marriage and Han Ga In is in a healthy state as a mother-to-be. 

Meanwhile, Yeon Jung Hoon’s agency AllRound Entertainment also has confirmed the good news on the following day (April 22). They gave the same statement saying that the couple is trying to be cautious in announcing the news due to the fact that the pregnancy is still in early stage besides paying respect to the mournful citizen who has been grieving over the ferry tragedy. His agency also stated that Yeon Jung Hoon only shared the news among family members and he didn’t even inform his own agency yet until it was leaked to the media through industry insider.

This upcoming April 26th will be their 9th anniversary since they tied the knot in 2005 after they had been dating for 2 years. They met each other through a KBS drama ‘Yellow Handkerchief’ in 2003.

Let’s pray that Han Ga In will safely deliver the baby when it’s due!

P/s: I avoid saying the exact due date here since Korean news stated that the due is going to be next year. Very confusing indeed since it is already stated that she is 7 weeks pregnant. And that makes her delivery date around the end of this year at the latest. And Korean news also stated they have been married for 10 years, making me more confused than ever. Sigh.. maybe Korean calculate it the same way they calculate one’s age by adding 1 year to the real age?


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