[NEWS UPDATE] 140415 Yeon Jung Hoon In Ferrari Challenge APAC Sydney 2014

Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific in Sydney has already ended. Below are the result from Race 1 and Race 2:-

Race1 Race2

I’m not a car racing’s fan so I don’t know hot to read the race results in details. But from what I understand, the were three different classification in this challenge: – Pirelli Pro (PPR), Trofeo Pirelli (PLI) & Coppa Shell (SHL). Yeon Jung Hoon participated under the Coppa Shell battle which is meant for amateur driver. So, from the results I can say that he was ranked in the 7th place under Coppa Shell category during Race 1  which consisted of 3 rounds and he scored better by going up to the 5th place in Race 2 which consisted of 4 rounds overall.

Yeon Jung Hoon in full red driver suit..

Yeon Jung Hoon comment on his participation in the Ferrari Challenge race:-

“I’ m so honoured and proud for just being able to participate and be the representative for South Korea in this world standard race game for 3 consecutive years. The fact that I managed to do better than my expectation in this game despite aiming to not overdo myself and  just try to complete the race, was actually made me overflowing with joy. I was so worried before the race so I was very surprised myself that I record some good results. I will practice more to demonstrate my best skills in the next game around June in Shanghai and in July that will take place here in Inje.”     

The glimpse of his racing car. Hehe..

vlcsnap-2014-04-15-13h43m59s8 vlcsnap-2014-04-15-13h44m55s32

The full clip is here:-

Credit: corseclienti.ferrari.com, atweekly &  iauto


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