[UPDATES] 140405 Yeon Jung Hoon Declined The Offer To Star In Drama ‘Endless Love’

I’m glad to say, it is now confirmed that Yeon Jung Hoon wouldn’t be joining the weekend drama ‘Endless Love’ after briefly considering the offer. Nice move Yeon Jung Hoon! ‘Hwang Kwang Hoon’ , the character that he passed on is now going to be played by actor Ryu Soo Young.

When I heard the news that he is considering to star in this drama, I still felt excited with little disagreement due to the fact that it is a period drama that might give the same vibe as ‘East of Eden’. It is a drama from the same writer after all. But who would’ve thought that he was actually given the 2nd lead role and not the 1st lead as he deserved!

But yes, I’m happy that he decided to turn down the offer. It is indeed a wise decision. I don’t want to keep seeing him working in another weekend drama. I hope there will be ‘Vampire Prosecutor 3’ soon but as long as it’s not a 2nd lead role in another weekend drama, I have no big objection here.

Whatever it is, hopefully there’ll be a much better opportunity that comes to his way this year!



2 thoughts on “[UPDATES] 140405 Yeon Jung Hoon Declined The Offer To Star In Drama ‘Endless Love’

  1. tiyka says:

    @hiedi i’m glad he declined the offer too after find out the he only the 2nd lead & his character is ambitious just like his char in east of eden, but i’m sad because i don’t know how long i have to wait for his next project 😦

    • Hiedi says:

      i hope it’s not that long. his agency said he’s reviewing some new projects. so lets hope there’ll be a good one for him to work on soon. 🙂

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