[OLD INTERVIEW] 090930 Yeon Jung Hoon’s Interview In InStyle Magazine

Fun & Pleasure

The thought that men don’t know how to enjoy the fun of doing daily routine the way women do. That’s a big misunderstanding. What we women may never know is the serious and subtle moment when men actually play and have fun doing something. We captured the unfamiliar but appealing hobby time of three men including Yeon Jung Hoon. (The other two was Tablo & Ha Seok Jin)

Yeon Jung Hoon
A Sweet Cook

Cooking Pleasures I started to enjoy cooking since I was studying abroad. As I was living apart from my family, naturally I started to do the cooking myself and it then became a hobby. I’m pretty good especially in cooking a roasted/grilled dish. I think roasted dish is somewhat difficult to prepare because for each of different ingredients like meat, fish, vegetables or any others, the roasting/grilling time and method is different, depending on the ingredient itself. With just that timing alone, it can be a turning factor whether the dish will be a luxury cuisine or an ordinary meal. After marriage, since I’ve been living together with the entire family in a house with a yard, family meal time together has greatly increased. At that time, everyone acknowledged my roasting/grilling skill! My grilled barbecue that has light & clean taste is indeed a perfect match for the fresh salad made by my wife.

IS-3“It’s my share to do the dish-washing after having a family meal. Somehow it became the duty that should be done by me. But I’m not complaining here!” Purple check shirt & denim pants by Burberry.  

“If you’re not using good quality ingredient, you’ll not be able to make delicious dish. It’s the same as the fundamental of acting, the great acting can come out only from a solid actor.”

IS-2“Today I’m going to make a cake that has some ‘edge’ to it. A cake that is light-tasted & not sweet!” Yeon Jung Hoon who didn’t seem to concern even though the dough was smeared all over his face and arms. Even the camera shutter started to sound, he just kept separating the yolk & white of the eggs and kept beating them. (Left) Leopard print V-neck t-shirt by Gucci, gray colour denim pants by Kai-aakmann, necklace by MUZZ. (Right) White t-shirt by Burberry, Diesel bracelet jewelry by Fossil Korea.

Where The Heart Is I and my wife has completely opposite taste/palate in food. I like fatty/oily food such as pasta and steak but my wife is an organic enthusiast who almost doesn’t eat instant and junk food at all. Therefore, on our dining table, there are always stock of external blue coloured fish (black fish tinged with blue that riches in DHA & Omega 3) and fresh vegetables that look like as if they are just picked directly from a garden. For my dad’s sake, the days that we get to eat meat side dishes can be counted with fingers of one hand. Though my father is a devotee meat lover, somehow his taste changes gradually in order to match my wife’s healthy eating. However, the greatest food in the world is nothing else but the food that we share and enjoy together with our loved ones.

IS-1Ann Demeulemeester black checked shirt by MUE, khaki-coloured pants by BLUSH.

Brand New Taste Everyday I think there are no drinks other than wine that goes with most food. I still remember the pure and deep taste of the first red wine I’ve tasted through a wine-mania acquaintance before I got married. Even though there are still much more of wine’s name and origin that I don’t know, the fact that there will always be new variety of wines produced & I get to taste them at any time is pretty fascinating. For my next project, I’ve chosen to play the role of the first doctor who adopts western medical method in our country, Korea. The story plot unfolds dynamically and I’m steeping myself into the character with anticipation before the shooting starts. Food, wine and also acting. The things that these three have in common are: always new, pleasant and there’s no way I could avoid myself from liking them.

IS-4He was so happy like a kid seeing the cake that he finished making. “How is it. Doesn’t it looks tasty? As soon as this photoshoot end, I should return home quickly. Today, I need to gain some good points from my wife.” White shirt, navy coloured tie and gray vest by MVIO Collection,Kusubi gray denim by BLUSH. 

Source:  InStyle Korea
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