[NEWS] 140123 Yeon Jung Hoon & Linda Chung Starred In Sweet Melodrama, A Global Drama By KBS N & TVB

KBS N will joint a co-production of a global drama with Hong Kong private broadcaster TVB.

On January 23rd, KBS N stated “We’re participating in the joint-production of this Asia global drama planned by TVB as a part of celebration programs to welcome the Lunar New Year.”

Starting with this joint-production, KBS N is taking the step to strengthen its global partnership with network from China Region and they are planning to acquire production capabilities through a collaboration with global media group like TVB.  


At the press conference of the drama that was held on January 22nd at Hong Kong TVB City, all co-producers and the leading actors and actresses from four countries; Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia & South Korea has attended the event.

The drama entitled ‘A Time Of Love’, is a cross-border romance drama with omnibus format that presents 4 separate stories in 4 different countries including Korea.

Yeon Jung Hoon and Hong Kong actress Linda Chung were cast to play the main lead for the story segment that was filmed in Korea. The story unfolds a sweet romance between a Hong Kong upper class and a Korean private tutor and how they overcome their cultural differences through love.

This drama is scheduled to be aired in Korean through KBS Drama channel and KBS W channel in February.

Vice President of KBS N Kim Chun Gil said “KBS N plans to establish a global partnership with TVB as we plan to expand with more global projects of KBS N dramas and variety programs in the future through this co-production drama.”

Source: Newsen
Translate by: yjhsphere

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