[NEWS] 140113 Yeon Jung Hoon Participates In Hong Kong Drama Entitled ‘A Time Of Love’

It seems that Yeon Jung Hoon has decided to start this new year by joining  ‘A Time Of Love’; a special drama produced by TVB; one of Hong Kong television station. It is also reported that TVB will be investing over HK$ 10 Million for the drama production since it is a drama that features four story lines that will be played by various stars from Hong Kong (Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Wong Cho Lam), Japan (Naomi Watanabe), Taiwan (Aaron Yen, James Wen, Chris Wang) and Yeon Jung Hoon himself as the only cast from Korea. The drama is scheduled to be filming in four different countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan & South Korea, featuring four story lines that represent four themes ie; city, tragedy, comedy & cartoony.  In the drama, Yeon Jung Hoon will carry out the role for comedy story along with Hong Kong actress Linda Chung and the filming has currently underway in South Korea at the moment.  ‘A Time Of Love’ will be aired via TVB weekly on Sunday starting 26 January 2014.  At the meantime, no details when this drama will be broadcast in Korea.

Below are some pictures of Yeon Jung Hoon at the filming site:-

Credit: jaynetstars.comdramapot.com, sohee8423 & @DESTINYKrIssing HanWeibo


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