[NEWS] 131111 Yeon Jung Hoon Won The 1st Prize for ‘Innovative Sweden’ Photo Contest

Yeon Jung Hoon has won the 1st prize for ‘Innovative Sweden’ Photo Contest co-hosted by the Embassy of Sweden Seoul and Hasselblad Korea through his photo entitle ‘Full Moon’.  The award ceremony was held at ECC, Ehwa Womans University in connection with the opening of the ‘Innovative Sweden’ exhibition on Monday, 11 November.

As the winner, Yeon Jung Hoon was awarded a round trip flight ticket between Korea to Sweden, accomodation for 5 nights in Sweden, one Swedish outdoor Haglöfs Qanir Jacket plus participation in both the photo exhibition of Hasselblad Masters and the exhibition of ‘Innovative Sweden’.

Some pictures of him during the event…

… ‘Full Moon’ ~ the photo that made him won the 1st prize… And yes, it was him and his wife as  the photographer & the model in that photo.

Credit: meansnth , swedenabroad.com & sportsdonga.com


15 thoughts on “[NEWS] 131111 Yeon Jung Hoon Won The 1st Prize for ‘Innovative Sweden’ Photo Contest

  1. smallfly says:

    Thanks so much for your updates. They’re always fascinating 😡

    By the way, I have this little question about his Full Moon. By any chance the woman in the picture is Han Ga In ’cause they look so alike :)) (If she is then it would be pretty amazing) I wonder if you know the answer, so…

    Again, thank you so much for your work!

  2. smallfly says:

    Oh and the man there, is that him – Yeon Jung Hoon? OMG the resemblance is really strong. How did he even possibly take that photo?? Amazing. Just amazing.

    • yjhsphere says:

      to answer your question, i tried searching for more info. sadly i couldn’t find any. wish i could zoom the pic to see it more clearly but it isn’t in a good resolution. i’ll let you know if i find abt it in da future.. ok 🙂

    • yjhsphere says:

      sorry.. i won’t translate such trashy negative article about his winning. his agency rep said even yeon jung hoon himself didn’t expect to win anything when he entered the contest in the 1st place & the contest stated ‘any camera would do to enter’. remember how k-netizen trash-talked about the photo he took last time? no point to do it as k-netizen always like that. lets just say they just jealous that he has an expensive camera & they’ll belittle whatever photos he’ll capture in the future. period..

      • tiyka says:

        thanks hiedi actually i just need his statement but i curious too what netizen talk about him does mostly said trash word ? poor yjh netizen still can’t get over he marrying hgi even after 8 year 😦

  3. smallfly says:

    @tiyka @hiedi thank you guys so much for the update. How lovely of them 😦

    Woow, I truly adore this couple. How could they be so matching not only in their daily life but also in art? Maybe even he’s got a private album including 100% photos of his wife, who knows :))

    I’ve heard on baidu that he attended the contest totally by coincidence; he did not mean taking that picture to be a winner at all. So how could some netizens could bad-mouth over his victory lie that? Such jerks!

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