[NEWS] 130826 Yeon Jung Hoon & Sung Yu Ri, the New Faces of Kumkang Shoes Brand


Actor Yeon Jung Hoon and actress Song Yu Ri have been selected as the new faces of Kumkang Shoes brand.

Starting from the end of August, they will serve as the model for various of items from the brand such as handbags, outdoor clothings, business suits, shoes and accessories for both men and women.

“Yeon Jung Hoon & Song Yu Ri’s air are well-suited with the image as a fashion company that Kumkang Shoes wants to pursuit and thus they are selected to be our model. With Yeon Jung Hoon who possesses gentle charisma and Song Yu Ri; a beauty with refreshing babyface image, we hope that they will bring a breath of fresh air to Kumkang Shoes line,” said the official of Kumkang Shoes brand.

Source: FNN
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