[INTERVIEW] 130611 [Jung Suk Hee Column] Yeon Jung Hoon & Han Ji Hye Met Again After 5 Years in ‘I Summon You Gold!’

The two actors Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ji Hye who played as lovers with tragic love story in the MBC drama of 2008 ‘East of Eden’, met again through MBC weekend drama ‘I Summon You, Gold!’. As a couple, they certainly have intricate chemistry on-screen. I’m curious about every move of this couple or should I say these three people (inculding Han Ji Hye’s double role) but the truth is ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ didn’t manage to gather much anticipation from viewers in the begining. However, the number of people who constantly waiting for each of its episode is increasing day by day, thanks to the development of the storyline and the acting performance of the actors who are so in-tune harmonily with the characters. Collectively, the drama has no junk meaningless character and there is no critic heard about the bad acting of its actors. The drama is already halfway aired for over 20 episodes now, getting closer to the end. Han Ji Hye who plays for double role as the wife ‘Yoona’ and the wife’s stand-in ‘Mong Hee’ to ‘Park Hyun Soo’ the husband who caused conflict between them, which is played by Yeon Jung Hoon. How’s their ending going to be?


‘I Summon You, Gold!’ is seemingly like a contemporary drama but it actually uses sageuk(historical) format. 

Reporter Jung: The drama is getting favorable reception by the viewers beyond expectations.

Yeon Jung Hoon: Thank you. Appearance-wise our drama seems like a contemporary drama but actually it is a drama with sageuk(historical) format. There’s the circumstances in which the king has the authority while the consorts have a veiled feud between themselves and the sons fought desperately for the sake of becoming the crown prince. Even if it seems to have less realistic, the familiar and intriguing pattern of the story is very distinct. In the drama, although there are bad guys, there are reasons behind it and even there are some pitiful guys, yet they still have ambition. I guess, seeing those kind of probability in each of the characters, the viewers empathy for each of the character rises too.

Reporter Jung: Initially, I couldn’t understand the man named ‘Park Hyun Soo'(played by Yeon Jung Hoon) in the drama. Why he had to bring in a body double of his wife and be fine with it (the lie). And also, I didn’t get why ‘Mong Hee’ (played by Han Ji Hye) agreed to involve in it even for the sake of her money issue. But as the story unfolds episode by episode, all of these seemed to make sense. Could it be because of the acting performance of the actors? Or perhaps thanks to the solid script?

Yeon Jung Hoon: Heii, it’s not all because of the acting.(Laugh) The director and the story plot share the big portion of the acknowledgement for it. I did a lot of consultation and discussion regarding the part that I didn’t understand. It’s all intended to approach a little more of the authenticity of the character. Dealing with the emotion word by word could bring a lot of differences on how the character is portrayed.


Reporter Jung: Han Ji Hye-ssi got the most suitable role so far. It’s amazing that both ‘Yoona’ and ‘Mong Hee’ character really fits you well.

Han Ji Hye: Perhaps I have multiple personalities? (Laugh) It’s fun but it’s not that comfortable. In playing double role,  it’s possible to create a different person visually out of an actress so it’s quite advantageous there. As for me, to play for the first role as ‘Mong Hee’ is alright but for ‘Yoona’ role, it’s really difficult. But now I feel it’s fun to act as ‘Yoona’. And ‘Yoona’ will come back again and appear in the drama, I wish the suspense element will reach its climax. I also hope that ‘Yoona’ and ‘Park Hyun Soo’ would end up well and for ‘Mong Hee’ I hope she would live her life to the fullest as ‘Mong Hee’.

Reporter Jung: But isn’t that ‘Hyun Soo’ is going in the direction which he likes ‘Mong Hee’?

Han Ji Hye: Both ‘Mong Hee’ and ‘Hyun Soo’ is at the stage where they have crush on each other. But still, could it be possible for them to go further?

Yeon Jung Hoon: What can I say. Maybe I should just take and live with both of them. (Laugh) Just joking here. Thinking from ‘Hyun Soo’s point of view, I would like to choose ‘Mong Hee’ over ‘Yoona’. However, because of ‘Hyun Soo’s fault, ‘Yoona’ too has changed and also, because there are lots of procedures pertaining to marriage issue, ‘Hyun Soo’ might have no choice but to choose Yoona in the end. So far, judging from the meeting scenes, I’m leaning much more to ‘Mong Hee’s side. (Laugh)

Reporter Jung: Because they are twins, the problems would be more complicated in the future. I’m curious on how the scriptwriter would resolve this.

Han Ji Hye: I personally like couple relationship that also has friendship bonding with it. I don’t know how it will turn out though.

Reporter Jung: Both of you were also lover in the MBC drama ‘East of Eden’ 5 years ago. Even then, the relationship was very complicated. How was it to meet again over the years?

Han Ji Hye: Ah, I’ve seen photos from that time. Yeon Jung Hoon was much more slimmer than now.

Yeon Jung Hoon: It’s just that I have grown old now! And I think I was on strict diet at that time.

Han Ji Hye: You look even better and seem to live more relax now.

It’s not that we really fit together, we are all very different.


Reporter Jung: The story evolves around 3 different couples. Is there a little competition going on between each other?

Yeon Jung Hoon: The casting process started quite rushingly. Come to think of it, I didn’t get to know them well during our first meeting. However, as the filming started, I could see that the casting was done really well. It’s not that we really fit together because we are all very different. Our fashion sense, our personality and even our acting style is different too. Lee Tae Sung is the most hilarious and funny while in person, Park Seo Jun is someone who’s really persistent. But somehow, we work really well together.

Han Ji Hye: (Watching at Yeon Jung Hoon) Among our young actors it’s obvious that they really love each other isn’t it? (Laugh)

Yeon Jung Hoon: They’re not greedy, but instead they discuss and give advice to each other. They do encourage each other too.

Han Ji Hye: Rather than being competitive, they treat each other very well and wishing that everything will be great for everybody.

Reporter Jung: But still, didn’t you have more affection towards the youngest couple? Since you are on their side in the drama?

Yeon Jung Hoon: The youngest couple? We chat everyday. I guess we get along with each other for real. (Laugh) Talking about real, I also think that I think we (Park Seo Joon & Lee Tae Sung) are real brothers. Personality-wise, the first and the third son is similar while the second son has slightly different air. Park Seo Joon and me are amiable person and Lee Tae Sung is more of a chic person in the drama. The camping scene too was all shot with some adlib (improvisation) done to it and everyone worked in perfect harmony.

Reporter Jung: You also have to deal a lot with people from ‘Monghee’s family right?

Yeon Jung Hoon: That’s right. I have met one or two member from ‘Mong Hee’s family but now I really wish that I could stop from meeting them anymore. (Laugh)

Han Ji Hye: There are about 17 to 18 people of actors in our drama. As for me, I’ve met them all and I know what’s happening in this house and that house. (Laugh)


Reporter Jung: MBC drama ‘May Queen’ just ended not long ago and yet you decided to do another weekend drama. It’s a little worrisome and moreover you’re playing for double role.

Han Ji Hye: On the contrary, I felt a little regret while working in ‘May Queen’. Before working in ‘May Queen’, I already took a break from acting for almost 1 year. Therefore, I’ve tried to work really hard, and rather than looking like a person who comes out after having a good comfortable rest and works hard after that, I tried to do better as if I’ve never keep my hands off of acting or in other words, I’ve tried to be someone who didn’t lose any sense of how to act. But after I’ve had such hardship, I’ve became aware the true characteristic of weekend drama. For this time around, I’ve just came back right after taking 3 months break. But I think now, weekend drama is within my grasp.

Yeon Jung Hoon: Oh, you’ve become an expert in weekend drama. (Laugh)

Han Ji Hye: Right. In ‘I Summon You, Gold!’, I was an ugly duckling at first but I’ve become a swan eventually. Nobody expected anything from my character. From young people to the elderly generation found that I’ve made the character interesting and they’ve been keeping an eye on it so it’s great. I’ll work even harder to be better in future.

Reporter Jung: Who has the best character development of all so far?

Yeon Jung Hoon: No one has the big obvious development for their character yet.

Han Ji Hye: I wish that there’ll be big development soon.

Yeon Jung Hoon: It’s developing stealthily. (Laugh)


Reporter Jung:You two have tried doing variety programs. Even though Yeon Jung Hoon-ssi won’t be participating in the Season 4 of XTM ‘Top Gear Korea’ but you have hosted the program until Season 3 while Han Ji Hye-ssi also did join the show ‘Story On: Choice of 100 Women’ recently as the MC. How was it?

Han Ji Hye: Yeon Jung Hoon-ssi did a good job. For me, I couldn’t say much because I’m still at the beginning stage.

Reporter Jung: To have deep profound knowledge about cars, I guess you did spend a lot of money.

Yeon Jung Hoon: Yes, I have spent a lot. (Laugh)

Han Ji Hye: To be honest, it wasn’t easy. When the recording of ‘Choice of 100 Women’ began in which the shooting need to be done in many stages, I failed to get to sleep at night because I was worried. I kept the 6 sheets of script by my side but my mind couldn’t be at ease. Even so, my path seems to go well as I planned and intended it to be, so I feel a sense of satisfaction. For me to shine someday, no matter how hard and painstakingly it gets, I have to endure it.

Reporter Jung: Aging isn’t all about bad things. Even in hosting a program too, things like getting older and being married might give you a sense of stability that helps you to be a able to do it well. (Laugh)

Han Ji Hye: In acting as well, if you don’t have such experiences, you might have been facing limitation in expressing certain emotion. So, I think I’m doing pretty good here.

Reporter Jung: For example, married people already know how to handle delicate conflict between family-in law members.

Han Ji Hye: That’s right. (Laugh) These days, there are many people who still be more active doing many work activities even after being married.

Reporter Jung: Who else there is of any actress that has about the similar age as you (that still active working)? I couldn’t recall one, other than Han Ji Hye-ssi.

Han Ji Hye: (Thinking for a while) Han Ga In-ssi! There is Han Ga In-ssi. (Laugh)

Reporter Jung: Aigoo, two of you really look like as if you’re a real couple, I completely forgot about Han Ga In-ssi.

Han Ji Hye: We succeeded. It’s good that we look like a real couple through our work (drama). (Laugh)

Yeon Jung Hoon: What were you saying! (Laugh)


When looking back to the past, we might feel regret, right?

Reporter Jung: Seeing Yeon Jung Hoon-ssi in ‘Top Gear Korea’, it felt that you have variety of hobbies. Perhaps these would be some kind of help to your acting in any ways?

Yeon Jung Hoon: I didn’t start doing any hobby with hope in mind that it would be some kind of help for my acting. When then opportunities came, I only thought that I should try to do lots of new things. And I am a type of person that if I start doing something, I’ll keep doing it till the end. I also will put my every effort in doing it. When I was in college, I did some studies about pictures. I’m more interested in motion pictures. Even on shooting site, I always try to get along closer with the director of photography. (Laugh) As I’ve been doing it (photography hobby), things got bigger and I ended up doing photo exhibition. I guess, one matter keep progressing and led to another. I also like machinery and cars to begin with. I think it also would be much help besides photography. When we look back to the past, we might feel regret over certain things, right? ‘I should do that when I was young’ or’ If I did that at that time, it would have been better’. I have heard many of these from my seniors. I just didn’t want to feel regret over something like these.

Reporter Jung: When you look at Han Ji Hye and other actors, from what angle their picture should be taken so it look better on the screen. Have you thought of this?

Yeon Jung Hoon: The way I see things probably will be different from Han Ji Hye’s point of view. Rather than the picture comes out nicely and beautifully, what is way more important to me is for the picture to come out with authenticity. The action of the actors should be expressed nicely in the picture and whether it comes out nice visually or not, it’s not that important to me. For example, one might see Kim Myung Min-ssi (lead actor for Beethoven Virus & King of Dramas) is less handsome than the ‘flower boy’ actors but when he’s acting, the way he expressed his every character is definitely the best compared to some others. For me, that kind of actor with that kind of portrayal, I like it even more.


Reporter Jung: Do you like the screen display/cinematography of this drama?

Yeon Jung Hoon: Yes, of course. I have went through lots of hardship and also I have done all I can for this drama. But that is a responsibility of the director of photography and what the actors should do is just work hard at what they can do best which is being an actor. (Laugh)

Reporter Jung: For a drama to be interesting, it should be able to draw viewer’s curiosity for the next episode. This drama has many of that element so I like it. Because it manages to fulfill the expectation and it is a drama with good story development, that’s why I like it. And thank you for sparing your time today for this interview.



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Source: Jung Suk Hee Column


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