[NEWS] 130523 ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ PD Lee Hyung Sun “Yeon Jung Hoon, a smart actor who controls the dynamics of his role well”


‘I Summon You, Gold!’ PD Lee Hyung Sun had praised the actor Yeon Jung Hoon.

During a press conference for MBC weekend drama ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ that was held On 23rd May at the multi-purpose hall of MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Goyang Gyeonggi-do, PD Lee Hyung Seon raved about Yeon Jung Hoon and stated that “Yeon Jung Hoon is a smart and wise actor.”

“Since it is different from his characters in ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ or ‘East of Eden’, I had this thought whether the brightness and cheerful side of Hyun Soo (Yeon Jung Hoon’s role in the drama) would come out well or not through his acting. But he surpassed one step ahead. He is a kind of actor who knows how to leisurely unravel the character’s layer one by one and he can control the character’s dynamics very well,” said the PD.

“Even though Hyun Soo may appear to be a spineless chap but he is just someone who considers the most about peacefulness in the first place. Hyun Soo becomes a brighter person since he met Mong Hee. If I have to point out one difficult thing about this role, it would be on how to control the limit on how far should I go for this role. I have many usual discussions and consultations with Han Ji Hye and the director but sometimes I’m still worried if I have made the character appeared too bright or not in the drama,” confessed Yeon Jung Hoon about his character.

“Although now is the happiest moment in Hyun Soo’s life but there will be a lot of changes to Hyun Soo in the future. It seems that he will change when he finds out about the dirty plot of his two step mother,” added Yeon Jung Hoon.

‘I Summon You, Gold!’ who has been progressing up to episode 14 currently, is a family drama that depicts the affectation of the middle class and it offers a satirical portrayal of the reality of marriage with the intention of finding the true meaning of a family.  Recently, the drama has received loves from many viewers and it ranks in the 1st place in terms of rating among others who share the same time slot.

This drama broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 8.45pm.

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Source: xportnews


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