[NEWS] 130523 Yeon Jung Hoon “I’m a bigger fan of G-Dragon than Han Ga-In, I’m not jealous”

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon said that he is a bigger fan of G-Dragon toward Han Ga-In’s love toward G-Dragon.

At the press conference of MBC Weekend drama ‘I Summon You, Gold’ held at MBC Dream Center on May 23, Yeon Jung Hoon said about how he feels toward Han Ga In being fan of G-Dragon. Han Ga In is a big fan of G-Dragon, showing up on every concert of G-Dragon and became an issue.

About this, Yeon Jung Hoon said, “Many people are mistaken, since I’m a bigger fan of G-Dragon than she is. I wanted to go to concert hall with her but I didn’t since people told me that it’s too much. I got the ticket of G-Dragon’s concert for her. I’m not jealous toward it.” Yeon Jung Hoon is building up romance with Han Ji Hye in drama ’I Summon You, Gold!’. About this, he also said, “Han Ga In doesn’t care on my acting with Han Ji-Hye. She gives me many advices on romantic comedy.”

Meanwhile, drama ‘I Summon You, Gold!’, a drama which Yeon Jung Hoon stars in is drawing popularity with good story and unique characters.



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